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Haversham Allotments

The success of Haversham-cum-Little Linford's allotment operation is something about which the Parish Council is enthusiastic. As well as being a very ‘green’ thing, the Parish believes that an allotment provides a healthy way of life for people of all ages. Fresh air, fresh food, free exercise, friendly like-minded Allotment Community and is often very much a ‘family’ thing.


There is an Allotment Facebook page made up of plot holders, which you can join. This not only allows you to keep in touch with other plot holders, but also is a fantastic resource to share ideas, advice and to asked questions among the allotment community.

The Terms and Conditions for allotment Tenants has recently been reviewed and revised for 2023/4. Please see copy of the latest Terms and Conditions.

  • Facebook

For users of the allotments there is now a Facebook page to write comments and post information. It is a private group so only the current tenants can see what’s posted on there so they can feel free to post with confidence.

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Interested in a Plot?

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