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Haversham cum-Little Linford Parish Council

The Parish Council is a democratically elected body serving the civil parish of Haversham and Little Linford. it is the first tier of local government and is a statutory body established under the Local Government Act 1972. Its role is to represent the residents of the parish in providing local services to the community.


Although Haversham cum-Little Linford Parish Council has a wide range of powers, and has direct responsibility in a number of areas such as allotments and open spaces, the majority of local services to our parish are carried out by the next tier of local government in the area, the unitary authority of Milton Keynes City Council. The Parish Council liaises with Milton Keynes City Council over the services they provide and seek improvements and changes to services and infrastructure as necessary. It is also a statutory consultee on all planning issues, from individual planning applications to local and county plans on a wide range of issues such as infrastructure, future development, mineral extraction, air quality, etc.

Because of the size of the parish, the Council has a complement of seven Parish Councillors, all of whom undertake their responsibilities on a voluntary basis. Additionally the Parish Council employs a Clerk to act as the Council’s proper officer and conduct the day-to-day business of the council under its direction.

The Council precepts annually for the funding required to meet its ongoing costs and work. This amount is collected from local parishioners through their council tax bills.

The Council meets every month (except August) on the third Monday of the month. Meetings are usually held in Haversham Social & Community Centre and start at 7.30 pm. Each meeting is open to the public and there is a public forum of 10 minutes at the beginning of the meeting to allow parishioners to raise any matters that they wish to bring the Parish Council’s attention.

Additionally, the Chair’s annual report sent to all residents precedes an Annual Parish Meeting open to all residents in the Parish. This meeting is normally held in April each year. The meeting offers an opportunity to bring parishioners up to date on the work of the Council and allows them to put forward any points they wish to make. Representatives from Milton Keynes Council and the police are invited to attend and to make a report or discuss specific issues of concern. The Chair’s last report can be accessed here.


Parish Council Meetings



NEXT MEETING: The next Parish Meeting will be held on Monday 19 June at 7.30pm. The agenda for the meeting will be published nearer the time.

If a parishioner wishes to raise an agenda issue for a future meeting, please contact the Clerk at


The minutes of our meeting in March and prior meetings can be found in the minutes archive here. Please note there are no minutes for August & September 2022 as the Parish Council did not meet.


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