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Gully works being carried out in Haversham

Milton Keynes Council have advised us that they will be carrying out some gully works in May at the locations below. To carry out these works safely it will be necessary for temporary road closures to be in place.

Work will begin on the 05-04-2022 as a rolling road closure starting from cross roads farm to the pub then the second section near house 44 towards little Linford lane We ask the residents to be patient with us while we carry out the work as these road closures will only be on for a few hours at a time in each section and will only allow emergency vehicles though the closure while gully cleaning is going on.
The village will not be fully closed only sections while the work is been carried out, so residents can access the village and leave, but they will not be able to drive through the closures to access the village or leave while we are trying to clean the gullies. This is the safest way to get the gullies cleaned as the tanker will be across the centre of the road so no other vehicles can safely pass while this gully cleaning is going on, Plus on the second section from house 44 the tanker will be fully blocking the road.

The details for all these works are listed at


Greyhound Haversham to Wolverton Road



High Street



Little Linford Lane to Haversham High Street



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