• Barry Clift

Haversham Bridge repairs

Updated: Mar 9

Milton Keynes Council (MKC) have advised that they will be carrying out essential maintenance and upgrading work to the guardrails and safety barrier across the main river bridge on Haversham Road to improve safety for the travelling public. The works will be delivered by MKC’s Highways service provider Ringway and programmed to commence Monday 21st February 2022, lasting approximately 5 weeks.

The work is to be carried out using two way traffic lights Monday-Friday, 09:30am to 15:30pm.

The work will include:

1. Vegetation clearance

2. Repair of accident damaged tubular guardrail at 2 locations

3. Extending the length of existing metal safety barrier

4. Installation of new yellow and black end plates to safety barriers

5. Safety barrier maintenance


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