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HCLL applies for grant for school crossing.

Haversham-cum-Little Linford Parish council in conjunction with the head of the school have applied for funding of a school crossing as set out below.

MKCC has set aside £40,000 per year to up to eight local schools can be supported to employ their own SCP (lollipop person) to help provide a safe crossing place for pupils. In addition, training and uniforms will be provided by the city council, and schools provided with funding will also be granted permission to temporarily close a road to traffic. 

All applications will be assessed and scored based on a set of criteria including the location, existing safety issues and number of pupils that will benefit. It includes primary, nursery, and secondary schools. Consideration will also be given to schools that are proactive with road safety education and a commitment to encouraging sustainable travel options to and from school.  

Successful schools will be notified quickly, and the grants will be issued before the end of March. 


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