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Playground Project

The Parish Council is excited to have launched a fundraising campaign for the replacement of several older items of playground equipment.


We are in the preliminary stages of a project to replace certain items of playground equipment in Haversham Recreation Ground. These items of playground equipment are not in keeping with the rest of the equipment and the surfaces on which they stand are in poor repair too. Ideally, the Parish Council would like to replace the multi-play frame, see-saw and two sets of swings and install new surfaces throughout that portion of the playground.

Whilst the Parish Council shall apply for grant funding for the main bulk of the cost, extra funds will be required to release the grant and at the moment we estimate this to be around £10,000. The replacement of playground equipment is an expensive undertaking and this represents only a proportion of what we expect to be a £100,000 project.

The Parish Council would be very grateful for community contributions towards this project as without the generosity of the community it will be very difficult to see this project through to a successful conclusion. As part of the hoped-for grant funding, it is crucially important that we involve the community and evidence that we have done so, and community contributions would kick-start this process.

If you have any questions in regards to this project. Please feel to email our Parish Clerk on

Many thanks for your support in pushing this project forward which will benefit so many families within our parish.

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