View from the Chair


The View from the Chair - September 2022



It has been a strange time since the announcement of the death of HM The Queen and we have all witnessed history in the making. The pageantry was awe inspiring and many people have commented that they were impacted more than they expected to be by The Queen’s passing.

The Parish Council set up a Book of Condolence, which was available to sign twice a day in the Social Centre between 12th and 18th September. There were not as many residents taking the opportunity to share their thoughts as we expected, but I would like to offer my thanks to those who did and to the councillors who gave up their time to manage the sessions.

The Book of Condolence will be kept in the Parish Council archive.

September Parish Council Meeting Cancelled


Due to The Queen’s funeral on 19th September, the Parish Council meeting could not take place. It was decided to cancel the September meeting altogether as a suitable alternative date could not be arranged.


Village Planters


Ladybird Gardening Services has been appointed to keep the Village Planters neat and tidy and replenish plants. They will tend to each planter three times per year.




I was honoured and delighted to welcome the Milton Keynes Mayor, Amanda Marlow to Haversham-cum-Little Linford on 3rd September. The Mayor officially opened our defibrillators in the traditional, ribbon-cutting way, prior to the Village Show. Raising the funds and dealing with the many challenges involved in overseeing the installation of THREE defibrillators in our Parish was a huge effort. The Parish Council are very grateful to everyone involved, especially Jane Dawes, who worked tirelessly to get this project over the line.


Rose-Stimpson Cup


Later that same afternoon, I presented the Rose-Stimpson Cup to Jane Dawes for her work on the Defibrillator project. This cup, donated by Gerald and Ena Simpson when they moved away from Haversham, is awarded by the Parish Council each year to someone we feel has made a very significant contribution to the parish.

It was very sad to learn that same day that Gerald, who had served on the Parish Council for many years, had passed away. Ena and their family are in our thoughts.




Councillor Langham organised the first of our Community SpeedWatch sessions. The Parish Council have purchased the necessary equipment and the first group of volunteers have been trained by Thames Valley Police. The team will undertake regular Speed Monitoring sessions and report to the police the details of cars travelling at excessive speeds at the checkpoints.


Pavements are for Pedestrians!


We have received a number of complaints about cars parking on pavements in the Parish. Most of our pavements are quite narrow and in many instances this inconsiderate parking means pedestrians are forced to walk into the busy road to pass. Those pedestrians may have young children with them, or be elderly or disabled so this is a concerning matter. Please keep cars on the road so that pavements can be safely used by pedestrians.

There has been a similar problem recently on the Crescent Green, where parking is not permitted on the grass. In this case, it was building contractors parking inappropriately. The house owner and the builders themselves were informed and parking on the Green stopped straight away, which was appreciated. If you are having work carried out, please remind your contractors to park with consideration for your neighbours.


If you have any issues you wish to raise with the Parish Council please come along to a Parish Council meeting (usually the third Monday of the month except August) or email our parish clerk, Maria Manthorpe at



Pam Williams

Chair – Haversham-cum-Little Linford Parish Council

Email address for the Parish Clerk, Maria Manthorpe: