View from the Chair

The View from the Chair - April 2022


Please help keep a tree alive!!

As mentioned in a previous magazine article, the Parish Council have been supplied with 10 mature trees to plant on Parish Council owned land, as part of the Queen’s Green Canopy.


The aim of the Queen’s Green Canopy is to plant 10 million trees across the UK to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. The Parish Council have had six of these magnificent trees planted in the Recreation Ground, three on the Crescent Green and one in the Allotments.


Given the time of year it is really important that each tree is regularly watered for the next year or two, especially during warm weather. Could you adopt a tree to water? Either as one household or perhaps together with two or three of your neighbours?


Each tree has been fitted with a water bag holding 70 litres of water, which slowly empties into the ground over about 10 hours. The water could be grey water, (the relatively clean waste water from baths, sinks, washing machines and other kitchen appliances, or collected from a rainwater butt, or of course fresh water.


If you are considering helping with this but worried about the cost because you have a water meter, we understand 1000 litres will cost £1.68 on Anglian Water’s standard tariff. That means it would cost less than 12p to fill a 70 litre water bag … and watering one tree every week over the summer would cost less than one posh cup of coffee.


Obviously if you do not have a water meter there would be no additional costs of water.


The Parish Council are delighted to have been given this gift in commemoration of the Queen’s long reign but are a bit worried about how we can make sure they thrive. Please email the Parish Clerk (address below) to express your interest in adopting a tree, with your contact details and an indication of whether the tree you would like to adopt would be in the Recreation Ground or on Crescent Green.


Welcome Maria

The Parish Council has been without a Parish Clerk for several months. This has meant a lot of extra work for your volunteer councillors. I am therefore absolutely delighted to let you know that Maria Manthorpe has joined our team as Parish Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer. Email details remain the same and are shown at the end of this article.

Neighbourhood Plan – Public Consultation

The next required stage of the Neighbourhood Plan (NP) process is underway, a public consultation with the local community and statutory consultees – a Regulation 14 Consultation. All the relevant documents, including the evidence gathered to support this Pre-Submission Plan, are on the Parish Council website:

We really do want to understand your views, so would urge you to study the documents and send any comments by email to the Parish Clerk (details below). If you are unable to email you can post your response to 16 Frost Cottage Haversham MK19 7DX.

What’s in the Plan?

After collecting a lot of evidence and working with our very experienced consultants, we have developed a number of policies which we believe give us as a parish the best chance, once the plan eventually confirmed by referendum, of protecting the rural character of Haversham-cum-Little Linford.

In order to prevent unsolicited and unsuitable housing development in our parish we believe it is wise to put forward a small site for housing in our Neighbourhood Plan. This will give us protection under the National Planning Policy Framework against unsolicited development proposals which would almost certainly be of a much larger scale.

But the NP is not all about housing development – there are many policy proposals which are being put forward to help protect the things we love about our parish. Please remember that a Neighbourhood Plan is a PLANNING document, so issues which have no relevance to planning are not included.

Please take a look at the documents and email your responses to the Parish Clerk so we know what you think. The deadline is 22 April 2022.

All comments will be reviewed and taken into account as our Neighbourhood Plan is finalised for submission. This will be presented to Milton Keynes Council who will undertake further consultation in line with NP regulations. Once they are happy it is valid they will ensure it is presented to an Independent Examiner. There may be a bit of to-ing and fro-ing, suggested changes etc., but once the Examiner is happy with the validity of our Neighbourhood Plan it will be put before YOU, the residents of the Parish, for a Yes or No Referendum.

Dogs in the Recreation Ground

Yet again we unfortunately have to remind some dog owners that DOGS ARE NOT PERMITTED IN THE RECREATION GROUND. It is very disappointing that not only are some dog owners continuing to ignore this, and abusing people who politely ask them to take their dogs out of the rec, at least one person is deliberately tearing down the notices reminding everyone dogs are not allowed, which is of course criminal damage.

The Parish Council would ask yet again that dogs are NOT brought onto the Recreation Ground. We are looking into the legal actions we can take against the people who continue to ignore this fact. Obviously we would like to thank the vast majority of parish dog owners who do respect the rules.

Annual Parish Meeting – 13 April at 7pm

Once a year the Parish Council hold a public meeting to share what we have done during the previous year and plans for the future – and most importantly to hear from residents about their

concerns and aspirations. This year the meeting will be held at the Social Centre in Manor Drive on Wednesday 13 April. We do hope that you can make it.

Given that Covid infection rates are still pretty high, please do not attend if you are feeling unwell.

April Parish Council Meeting – Wednesday 20 April

Due to Easter Monday falling on the date the Parish Council would normally be held (third Monday of the month), the Parish Council meeting date has been changed to Wednesday 20 April.

Pam Williams

Chair – Haversham-cum-Little Linford Parish Council

Email address for the Parish Clerk, Maria Manthorpe: