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View from the Chair

The Chair's Report from the ANNUAL PUBLIC PARISH MEETING which was held on 6th April 2023 can be found here:

The View from the Chair – January 2024


I want to start by wishing everyone a happy 2024! I hope that despite the recent storms and flooding everyone remains safe and well. As usual, much has happened since my last article and I will try and give an update here. You can always keep fully up to date on Parish news via Facebook where we share regular updates - so if you are not already following us, details are at the end.



Playground Renovation Update


We continue to work to raise the necessary funds to rejuvenate the playground. Led by Cllr Parkes-Brincat, we submitted a number of grant applications late last year and are waiting to hear the outcomes for most. However, we have just had some great news and been awarded a grant of £20,000 by the National Lottery! This is a good start towards our overall target of around £100,000 but we still need to raise some of the money from the community so if you are able to help with any donation, small or large, we would be very grateful. Details including a link to our donation page are on the Parish Council website at



Road Safety


Applications recently opened for the School Crossing Patroller grant scheme and Haversham School quickly submitted their request. They should hear in March if they have been successful.


Subject to the outcome of a recent consultation, MKCC will shortly implement parking and stopping restrictions outside the school entrance in response to resident and Parish Council road safety concerns during school pick up/drop off times.


Work is progressing on the 20mph schemes in both the new and old villages – we await further details from MKCC, but both schemes will be subject to statutory consultations in the coming months prior to implementation. Look out for more information on our Facebook page.



We recently published the latest traffic analysis from the Speed Indicator Devices (SIDS) in the old village on our website and Cllr Langham has continued to run to run regular Community Speedwatch sessions in both the old and the new village - we provide a monthly CSW update on our Facebook page. More ‘speedwatchers’ always welcome!



Parish Council Drop-in


We ran our first session on Sunday 10th December at the Haversham Social and Community Centre. We were a little disappointed not to see more residents taking the opportunity to come and meet us and discuss ideas and issues, but we appreciate those that came, as well as the support from our Ward Councillors and the PCSO team.



We may run another session in the summer period prior to or after school holidays, but this is also a good opportunity to remind you of the Annual Parish Meeting. It is open to all residents where we will provide an update on the last 12 months of Parish Council activity. This year's meeting will take place at 7pm on Thursday 18th April at the Social Centre, so please make a note in your diaries.



Winter Warm Hub


Like last year, we have received a small grant from MKCC to provision a warm space during the winter season. The Church have kindly started to run a weekly warm hub at the Social Centre from 8:30am to 11am each Wednesday during term time. Carers, children and all are welcome and there will be toys for toddlers and refreshments for all. We hope that many of you will go along.



Planning Update


The public inquiry considering the proposed development of 584 dwellings at Linford Lakes ran from 5th to 14th December. I attended the inquiry and spoke about where the application failed to comply with the HcLL Neighbourhood Plan (NP).


The Planning Inspector’s decision was published on 18th January and I am pleased to be able to report that he agreed with the views of both MKCC and the Parish Council and the appeal was dismissed. There were four key reasons for dismissal, three of which were in part due to conflicts with various policies in the NP, as well as conflict with other local plan policies.


This outcome demonstrates the value of our NP in keeping the Parish as a predominantly rural one and it is also a key document that we use for all planning applications we assess as part of the Parish Council’s statutory consultation role.


MKCC is currently updating its local development plan - the New City Plan. Several consultations, as well as a call for sites have already happened and more consultations will follow including those on the plan itself. More details can be found at where there are also links to the MKCC website.



Given the discussions around a Northern Expansion Zone for 6,000 plus dwellings in our Parish when Plan:MK was created in 2017 we will be keeping a close eye on matters as the new plan progresses.



Parish Magazine – AT RISK!


We are still need someone to take on the editor and advertising manager roles from Lesley and Harvey Gilbert when they step down in October. Please do reach out if you would consider taking on one of the roles as otherwise, we do fear the magazine will stop.



Other Local News


Some of you may have recently seen me with a number of people in ‘Hi-Vis’ looking at The Rec, The Crescent Green or The Allotments. We are currently running a tender for the grass cutting contract for the Parish Council owned land. We want to make sure we continue to get a quality service at the best possible value for the residents.



Our latest Parish litter pick, run by Cllr Turnbull, was on 13th January supported by 15 volunteers. The team collected over 20 bags of rubbish including a large number of dumped vodka bottles and the odd car part! Their efforts really do help to keep the Parish tidy so thanks to everyone who takes part. The next pick will likely be in March and will be announced nearer the time – as ever it would be great to have more volunteers and it is only 2 hours every two months! Please contact us if you want to get involved.



Haversham Social and Community Centre Trustee


I have recently taken on a role as the Parish Council’s representative on the Board of Trustees for the HSCC charity to work alongside the existing trustees who together manage the charity. As Jackie Brown says in her AGM report included with this magazine, there is work needed to bring the charity’s constitution in line with the latest charity law and I will be helping them out with this initially. The HSCC charity is there for the benefit of all residents, so I reiterate Jackie’s ask for you to come along to their AGM in March and also consider if you want to become a trustee or volunteer in some capacity to help out with their various events.



Future Updates & Contacting us


Alongside this regular article, we continue to use our Facebook page and our website to share news and useful information - so please follow us on Facebook and visit the website regularly.



If you have any issues, suggestions or questions for us, or are interested in helping out in your community, then please either message us via Facebook or email the Parish Clerk at We will do our best to respond promptly.



And please consider helping your community by volunteering to support the Magazine, Litter Picking, Community Speedwatch or the Social Centre.

Richard Pryor


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