View from the Chair

It was lovely to hear about all the Jubilee festivities in the Parish – I hope you all had a wonderful time. I also hope that you managed to cope with the recent heatwave and kept an eye on more vulnerable neighbours. The Parish Council certainly felt the heat at our meeting on 18th July and for once it wasn’t due to comments from the public forum!

Swings and Roundabouts

If you spot a problem with the Play Equipment in the Recreation Ground, please let us know by emailing Maria Manthorpe, our Parish Clerk (address below).

The Parish Council ensure that basic visual checks are undertaken regularly and the equipment is fully inspected annually by Milton Keynes Council (MKC). However if you spot anything that looks as if it is damaged or faulty, could you please let the clerk know so that she can ensure the issue is dealt with.

Please help keep a tree alive

Thank you to Peter Dunn who has been watering the Jubilee Trees in the Rec as often as he can and the residents of The Crescent who have been providing very welcome hydration to the three trees there. The green fingered plot holders have also been looking after the fruit tree planted in the allotments.


However, the trees in the Rec would almost certainly appreciate more watering, especially given this warm weather, so please consider taking some water with you if you are using the Rec and giving one of the trees a refreshing drink!


Your Village Planters Need You!


Gill Burgess has sadly decided to hang up her trowel! She has been doing a wonderful job looking after the four Planters at the entrances to the villages. A huge thank you to Gill – the planters are certainly looking great and we really appreciate how much you have improved them from their previous sorry state.


Would anyone be willing to volunteer to take on the task going forward? We are looking for someone to refresh the plants three times per year and of course the Parish Council will reimburse you for the cost of plants, compost etc. Maybe two or three residents would like to take this on as a team? Please email Maria if you would like to volunteer.


Neighbourhood Plan

The Parish Council approved the latest version of the Neighbourhood Plan (NP) for submission to Milton Keynes Council at the Parish Council meeting on Monday 18th July. The NP and the supporting documents are currently being prepared so that they can be uploaded to the Parish website and submitted digitally to MKC.

All the comments made following the recent Regulation 14 consultation have been considered by the steering group and will be included in the evidence base, along with details of where consultation comments have resulted in changes to the final document.

Once they receive our Neighbourhood Plan, MKC will undertake a further six week consultation. Following that consultation any resulting changes will be made and the NP will be submitted by MKC to an independent examiner for assessment.

Thank you to everyone who has engaged with this process so far, your comments and feedback have shaped the policies included in the NP.

In order to prevent unsolicited and unsuitable housing development in our parish we believe it is wise to put forward a small site for housing to give us protection under the National Planning Policy Framework against unsolicited development proposals which would almost certainly be of a much larger scale. But the NP is not all about housing development – there are many policy proposals which are being put forward to help protect the things you told us you love about our parish.

This has been a long, complicated process and it is not over yet. Once the independent examiner is satisfied the NP is a deliverable and in line with both national and local planning policies, the final step will be a parish wide referendum on whether or not to accept the Haversham-cum-Little Linford Neighbourhood Plan. If accepted by referendum it must be taken into account when local planning issues are considered.

Dogs in the Recreation Ground


Another reminder that DOGS ARE NOT PERMITTED IN THE RECREATION GROUND except to cross using the public footpath if on a lead. The Parish Council have started discussions with MKC about a Public Spaces Protection Order. This could lead to a £100 fine for anyone ignoring the order.


Obviously we would like to thank the vast majority of parish dog owners who do respect the rules.



Pam Williams

Chair – Haversham-cum-Little Linford Parish Council


Email address for the Parish Clerk, Maria Manthorpe: