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View from the Chair

In this first article of 2023 may I wish everyone a Happy New Year. I hope you had a joyful Christmas and were able to see friends and loved ones.

2023/24 PRECEPT

At the January meeting, your Parish councillors agreed the Parish budget for April 2023 to March 2024. The gap estimated between what we need to spend and any income received (such as magazine advertising revenue and allotment rents) is covered by a precept, an amount which the local authority collect on our behalf as part of overall Council Tax.

The budget agreed covers expenditure the Parish Council anticipates for 2023/24, including:

· Upkeep of the Allotments, Recreation Ground and Crescent Green, including grass cutting, water bills, play equipment and signage

· Publication of the Parish Magazine

· Supply and emptying of dog poo bins

· Website

· Insurance

· Salary and expenses of part time Parish Clerk

Although the Parish precept is a small proportion of your overall Council Tax bill, the parish council were extremely mindful of the impact of the current cost of living crisis. We therefore agreed an increase of just under 5%, despite an expectation that some of our costs could be higher.

As detailed in the last magazine, we decided to not continue with the plan of taking over landscaping in the Parish from Milton Keynes City Council (MKCC) due to the significant increase that would have required to our budget for the next three years. As a result landscaping services will remain the responsibility of MKCC.



On 4th May 2023 there will be a Parish Council election. Would you consider standing?


At least one of the current Parish Councillors does not intend to stand for a further term, so if you have ever considered helping to keep our lovely parish running now would be a great time to get on board.

The work of the Parish Council often goes unnoticed, but it is a vital part of local democracy and needs people like YOU to volunteer their time to do something positive for the community.

Please contact the parish clerk on the email below if you would like more information, or contact one of the current councillors for an information discussion. You have to put yourself forward for election by 4th April.


We are aware that many in the parish are concerned about the number of lorries travelling through the parish carrying building materials – often at excessive speed.

The Parish Council are investigating the source of these lorries and will raise with MKCC the problems this traffic is causing.


MKCC’s statutory consultation of the Haversham-cum-Little Linford (HcLL) Neighbourhood Plan submission has now closed. MKCC will now review the consultation responses and may (or may not) come back to us with suggested changes, before they send the final document for Independent Examination.

We have been consulted about which independent examiners were available from a shortlist of three and have indicated our preferred choice. Following independent examination MKCC will hold a local referendum where parishioners can decide whether or not to accept the final Neighbourhood Plan.


Please remember that if your rubbish is not collected by Serco on the correct refuse day, it is best to go onto the MKCC website and report the non-collection within 48 hours. This will usually result in a special collection being made. Please bear in mind regular collection dates may change due to holidays, adverse weather etc.

If you have not reported the missed collection, or you put it out on the wrong day in error, the refuse remains your responsibility. Please take it back in until the correct day – and clear up any spilled rubbish from torn bags etc.

Pam Williams

Chair – Haversham-cum-Little Linford Parish Council

Email address for the Parish Clerk, Maria Manthorpe:

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